KLASSY recognizes the importance of having an outstanding brand with a great glass bottle design. Making a great first impression with superb packaging is a vital way to engage consumers while shopping and go on to build long-lasting brand loyalty.


Competition is mostly based on the design today. 

  • Develop Your Exclusive Bottle
  • Choose Your Suitable Decoration
  • Customize Your Packaging

Perfume Bottle




Klassy is a professional manufacturer in perfume industry who has rich experience of customizing. In the past 5 years, we helped over 100 customers to achieve their goal and developing & re-branding their products. Our main service is from designing to prototyping, modeling, production and finished products.


We have been providing solutions to brand creators, to independent producers, and to large international Corporations in the Premium segments.

New product launches, redesign of existing products, brand re-positioning, or product range additions: we bring our expertise to each project.


Our sales and marketing people, engineers, technicians take particular care and are meticulous in providing needed advice and support throughout the development of each project stage, including feasibility studies, design, product creation and development, prototypes and external decoration of bottles.

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