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Do You Know About Mold Making Before Asking WHY BREAK THE MOLD?

Break the mold has 2 meanings. Its superficial meaning is “open the mold” for the product. But its implied explanation is “destroy the existing rule or mode”. The shallow “ Me” just wants to discuss the surface formality here. The underlying significance is left for your digging.


Even if you know nothing about the mold making, it doesn’t matter as long as you have ever heard of this phrase. The type of mold is the chief actor today. There are many sorts of mold. But this old mold family of the glass bottles has 3 VIP: Dip mold, the two-piece mold & the three-piece mold. That’s one of reasons why the mold cost is different.


1. Dip mold

The most basic type is a dip mold. A cylindrical or truncated conical one-piece mold with a patterned interior is the dip mold. This mold is open at the top so that a parison can be dipped into it and then inflated. It is also known as an optic mold.


2. The two-piece mold

The two-piece mold splits the mold into two sides, providing the ability to open and close the mold. The earliest use of these can go back to at least first century A.D. Two-piece molds can have a base which may be separate or joint to help form the base of the bottle( See the picture of two-piece mold with the jointed base).


3. The three-piece mold

Apparently, it has 3 pieces at least. It’s more complicated than the other two molds as well. It usually consists of a dip mold body+ 2 hinged shoulder mold parts. The three-piece mold is comparatively used for mainly making the perfume, lamp, vase and liquor bottles etc.

The importance of mold has been overlooked for centuries. While in the 19th century, the mold did a big favor to revolutionize the glass making due to its capability of being employed in the mass production. The mold-making experts became the great talents with super skills gradually. So far, are you stricken a chord by the great molds? Do you intend to make money in the coming year with the miracle mold? The mold can bring the life to your bottles. What you need to do is just simple: Contact us at will then create your darling bottle. 

By: Sabrina

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