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Do You Know History of Surface Coating Involving Perfume Bottle?

The magical shape of the perfume bottle and the reflection of the light projected on it can make the glass present various colors of the rainbow- Milky white, ink, crimson and sienna, etc., making dreamed color come true. The new coloring technology was initially successfully developed in France.


In the past, the traditional coloring method of glass bottles was to color directly in the furnace. The main disadvantage is that it requires pretreatment time, which takes three days to achieve the desired color. The solvent dyeing method is suitable for the processing of large batches of bottles, if for small batches, the cost is expensive.


Verrerie de Masnières glassworks in northern France is the first company to use spray gun spraying to color glass bottles when they come out of the furnace instead of solvent coloring. This private company was founded in 1818 and has a good reputation for glass bottle manufacturing. The earliest type of bottle treated with a spray gun was the Drakkar perfume bottle. 


Danone Foods and Verrerie de Masnières jointly conducted research on glass spray technology, studied the handling and transportation of bottles, obtained appropriate spray duration and developed pigments that adhere to the glass. The spraying equipment only requires 1 to 2 hours of discoloration time. The factory was equipped with two glass spraying devices, which operated continuously and processed almost 10 million bottles a year. The whole process is fully automatic except for the loading and unloading of bottles. The conveyor belt could transport bottles at a speed of up to 10 feet per minute into a controllable protective gas chamber, where the first spray gun coated the glass with a fixative; then the second spray gun sprayed the bottles with powder coating; then they were dried in a 16 feet long tunnel kiln at 392 ° F for 5 minutes. Several workers unpacked the bottles and put them on the pins of the conveyor belt. When the processed multi-colored bottles came out of the tunnel kiln, they took down the bottles for inspection and repacked them.

The Verrerie de Masnières glassworks tested the reliability of the processing process. The technology they have mastered can spray bottles in three different colors at the same time. It can also be used for acid frosting to give the bottle a dull appearance.

Subsequently, this spraying technology was jointly owned by the factory in Dieppe- A subsidiary of Saint-Gobain Glass Group and Costet, a small-scale production company specializing in glass screen printing in the Paris area. They worked hard to develop new shadows and patterns. Sometimes they can customize a limited number of hundreds of bottles and change the color of the bottles according to the customer's gender and season.

The Verrerie de Masnières spray system provides an almost continuous variety of color shades and serves the bottle manufacturers who have relatively minor needs. Now we have become perfect with various spraying techniques. If you need the sprayed or coated perfume bottles, please consult with us freely.

By: Sabrina

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