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Do You Worry That You Pick A Wrong Inner Lining?

Inner holder is very important in the process of making packaging boxes. And it directly affects the overall level of the gift box. Many customers may be more clear about the production of packaging boxes but do not particularly understand the lining material and its usage.


1. Paper inner holding


Wear-resistant, high hardness, environmentally friendly, easy to load and unload, often being used in cake gift box packaging. Now it is widely utilized. Because cardboard is made of natural wood pulp. It is low-cost, natural and eco-friendly. It has various printing technologies and is simple to produce.


2. Blister inner support

It can effectively lock the position of the product and avoid excessive shaking of the product. It is often used in the food packaging industry.


3. Pearl cotton


Anti-collision, waterproof, moisture-proof, heat preservation, sound insulation, suitable for all walks of life. The inner lining of pearl cotton packaging is often used in the tea gift box and cosmetics. Simple and beautiful, elegant and unpretentious. EPE packaging is slowly replacing some traditional packaging materials. It has good market prospects. EPE can be collected, pelletized and recycled with good results.


4. Sponge


Anti-vibration, heat insulation, good air permeability, often used in cosmetics and other industries.


5. EVA

Excellent water resistance, anti-aging and ozone resistance, often used in the packaging of high-end products, such as perfume. EVA lining is environmentally friendly and has good performance in antistatic aspect and fireproofing. It has the advantages of good cushioning, quake resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., and it is non-toxic and non-absorbent. It can also be conjunct with the other inner lining materials. For example, EVA + blister inner support is both beautiful and relatively economical than fully using EVA.


If you are willing to discuss with us when making the gift box packaging, there is no need to worry about choosing the wrong material.

By: Sabrina

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