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Does Cronovirus Make “Design Your Own Pacakging” Become Brand Building Tool?

In the past year, COVID-19 had changed our shopping habits. Although e-commerce has been very popular, the blockade has accelerated its position in the "New normal" of retail.

During the lockdown, 96% of British residents ordered the online products that needed to be delivered to their homes. As the only mode of operation for many companies, this requires companies to invest more time and energy in packaging. As home delivery services become more and more part of modern consumption, packaging is becoming more and more important to customers. Online shopping is an experience, so you should focus on maintaining its continuity. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the most successful companies are those that have adapted to the restrictions of the lockdown and reversed this disadvantage to advantage.

Packaging has become a brand building tool that can improve or influence customers' reviews of online orders. Packaging is becoming more and more important because customers begin to value the "Out of the box" experience. Customers want to have a strong sense of affinity from the online market so that they are willing to buy a product. Handwritten notes or decorations can help win customer’s loyalty.


In terms of environmental protection, if customers find that the packaging is excessive and full of plastic, they might even be disappointed with the product before they see the product. The eco-friendly packaging is being more and more focused now.


In order to cater for the market and customer needs as well as a desire for novelty and individualism, it is the time to change or improve your packaging, rightfully so. If you happen to have perfume packaging demand, please just contact us in the most convenient way for you. 

By: Sabrina

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