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How A Vacuum Metallization Works?

The dumbfounded decoration beautifies various materials and leads your choice to the ultimate which will make your heart beat faster. The flowers are all blooming when they see such an amazing beautification too. Let’s take a look one kind of great surface technologies- Vacuum Metalization.


Normally the metallizing includes the Standard Metallizing, Vacuum Metalizing and Galvanic Plating.


Today the leading actor is only vacuum metalizing. It’s a physical deposition phenomenon. That is, argon is injected in a vacuum state, and the argon hits the target material. Then the separated molecules of the target material are absorbed by the conductive goods to  form a uniform and smooth metal-like surface layer.

Quality: High quality and high brightness. It’s the surface protection layer of substrate as well.

Speed: Medium production speed, 6 hours/cycle (including the spray painting)


Applicable materials:

1. Many materials can be vacuum electroplated, including the metals, soft and hard plastics, composite materials, ceramics and glass. Among them, the most common surface treatment for electroplating is aluminum, followed by silver and copper. Of course, the perfume often uses this craft too( See our metalized bottles as below).


2. Natural materials are not suitable for vacuum plating, because the moisture of natural material will affect the vacuum environment.


Process cost:

Although some work is made by the machine, the vacuum electroplating relies heavily on manual operations. During the vacuum electroplating process, workpieces need to be sprayed, loaded, unloaded and resprayed. So the labor cost is quite high, but it also depends on the complexity and quantity of the workpieces.


Environmental impact:

Vacuum metalizing has little environmental pollution, more environmentally friendly than other coating processes.


Our facility is fully equipped for all of your vacuum metalizing needs, with twelve automated vacuum chambers for both thermal evaporation and magnetron sputtering, which include four different sized chambers for a variety of applications and part sizes. If the metallic shinning bottle captivates your jumping heart, then lets help you as possible as we can. 

By: Sabrina

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