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How Do You Know This Best Rose Perfume?

Is there no rose after the rose?

In fact, I want to give it 10 points. But after thinking about it, there will be something better than this one possibly in the future, it will be better to leave a little room in case of boxing my ears.

It is the obvious smell of red wine and rose. This can be said to refresh my knowledge of rose and wine. The three tones are very linear. Except for the slightly woody and fruity aroma of the top note, there is only a difference of “strong” and “light” between the middle and the base note. At the same time, the solid materials to a tee bring a leap in a special texture.


As a rose perfume alone, it can be said that it has little change if you have to find quarrel in a straw. However, after its actually worn, the scent may change according to the distance of the person standing against you. When it is sprayed on your body, the flavor will become an aura of confidence. People who are far away may think you are noble and cold. But those who are close will slowly discover that you are still enough passionate. It is also the effect brought by the effectively spreading its fragrance.

Describing it via the picture, it should be the smell of roses in her long hair and the scent of the red wine glass in her hand while passing by a young woman in a long burgundy dress.

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By: Sabrina

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