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How Exchange Rate Today Affect You?

Due to American policy together with the prevailing of global pandemic, now the exchange rate of RMB( China Yuan) against US dollar is declining rapidly. Yesterday the rate was 6.42( USD:RMB) which nearly reached the lowest record within these years.


Whether the strength of the dollar has a positive or negative impact on U.S. society depends where you are in it. A strong dollar drives the engine for economic growth. It encourages consumerism, production and investments. But it may also diminish employment opportunities. It motivates companies in USA to outsource jobs from countries with weaker currencies. It also hurts U.S. exports because it makes “Made in the U.S.A.goods pricier than its counterparts sold by other countries.


At this time when the rate of RMB against USD is down, it will be your most favourable time of purchasing our manufactured perfume packaging. A hesitation will be losing a chance since our government will take measures to address the effects of this crisis and stop the continued dropping.

Furthermore, let us make an actual example to show you the influence of fluctuation about the currency exchange rate.


In our example well assume that the business owner is located in the U.S. and has a company that makes the perfumes. He has determined that he prefers to buy the perfume packaging from a provider in our country, where the sources are plentiful and the quality is excellent, and has agreed upon a price per piece of bottle in U.S. Dollars that is profitable for his business. Things are moving along smoothly for a while, but now a few months later when he goes to place his next order, he discovers that his supplier is charging 10% more for the same amount of bottles. What happened? When the 1st dealt price was negotiated, the exchange rate from USD to RMB is 7.1. But now its 6.42. So the supplier will lose 10% money than before.                 


At present Klassy is still trying to get through this critical period by ourselves without transferring this loss to our esteemed customers yet. If you have our outstanding PI in hand, that PI is still valid within this month. During this special time, hesitation will be your enemy. Please just contact us ASAP for your benefit.

By: Sabrina

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