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How Is The Visual Impact From A Well-designed Perfume Bottle?

In the world of perfume, vision is as important as smell. Before the customer can smell the perfume, it is the bottle that gives her the most direct sensory experience. The visual impact of a beautifully designed perfume bottle often captures customers’ hearts before the temptation of smell.


This also confirms the old saying in the French perfume industry: "A beautifully designed perfume bottle is the best salesman of perfume." In the process of visually moving the sense of smell, perfume that is easy to dissipate can only be perfected when wrapped in a unique bottle. "No container can hold so many emotions and memories like a perfume bottle"- Perhaps this is only Madame Chanel's personal experience, but "No other product can make a container so exquisite like a perfume" is the consumer's general feeling. Perfume bottles can always blend the beauty of the brand in subtlety. And perfume bottles no longer play the simple role of containers.


Perfume bottles have always been the most effective advertisement for perfume. The well-designed perfume bottle was originally designed to accurately express the intangible presence and charm contained in the perfume through the tangible shape design. However, in front of some perfume bottles, the purchase behavior does not even matter whether you understand your own aura or whether you can hold a certain fragrance, but only related to beauty. Faced with a beautiful bottle, even French women with a deep accumulation of perfume can't completely escape its temptation. In China, where perfume consumption has just started, bottles play a more prominent role in perfume purchases.


In the long-term contact with perfume consumers, perfume trainer Kimi working in a Beijing Trading Company has a deep understanding of this consumption mentality,“ Data shows that 60% of the customers who buy perfume at counters will simply get a bottle because of its bottle, but in the e-commerce era, the purchase behavior induced by the bottle will even exceed 80%."

Lolita Lempicka's elegantly designed transparent bottle is a classic. In the name "Fleur de Minuit", the apple-shaped sapphire blue bottle is surrounded by blooming silver flowers and decorated with amethyst stamens. Countless stars are shining in the night sky, this is the bottle design that almost every girl will be touched.


Therefore, perfume brands will naturally not let go of a bottle design that is sufficient for consumers to pay for it, and adjust product lines for different consumer groups to impress more potential customers. In fact, it seems that perfume bottle designers have a rule to follow in order to communicate between perfume and consumers and to provoke the love and recognition of consumers. The bottle design for different genders is the most basic distinction. The soft, complicated, and exquisitely designed female fragrance bottle caters to feminine sensitive and delicate visual judgments, while the straight-line, slightly heavy and rigorous masculine perfume bottle has become the standard for attracting men. Bvlgari bottle design is more straightforward. The shape of the LE GEMME feminine fragrance bottle is almost the upper body of a woman in evening dress, and the GYAN masculine bottle looks like a standing elegant man.


Each perfume bottle can convey certain feelings to consumers relying on its material, color, decoration and accessories. Kimi also starts from the bottle body in the promotion process, "Guiding guests to like the bottle first, then we will spend time on explaining the smell of perfume to them, and finally make them like perfume."


If you desire to let your consumers get your perfume while at the 1st sight of your bottle, that’s just what we can help you.

By: Sabrina

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