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How Much Do You Know How Zinc Alloy Perfume Cap Is Formed?

The zinc alloy cap is called zamac cap too. Among all sorts of caps, it is the most luxurious and delicate. It can upscale the perfume.Usually its weight is over 50g which will be heavier than the other normal caps. Due to its weight, material & process, the zamac cap will be selected for the exclusive fragrance.Then what’s the process of zinc alloy perfume cap?


1. Molding design: Our engineer will analyze the customer’s draft drawing deeply and give the customer our sincere advice basing on the cost and concept. Of course, this step will be omitted if what you need is just the standard cap.


2. Die casting: This is 1st step on condition that a custom zamac cap is needed. Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mould cavity.  


3. Sorting: Actually it’s the surface treatment. When the cap comes out from the die casting, possibly some will have a few defects. So after sorting and treatment, then the flat and pleasing appearance is shaped.


4. Polishing: This is the key process in order to get its smooth finish so that the brilliant& gorgeous look can be realized in the next step.


5. Metallizing: The process of attaching a metal film to the surface of zinc alloy cap is to prevent being oxidated and improve the wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance( Resist the copper sulfate, etc.). Of course, the zinc alloy cap will be more appealing after being electroplated. It will be very shinning and can achieve any colors. So this process also adds the esthetic effect.


6. Final inspecting: After all is done, then the final professional inspection is mandatory in order to make sure the good product can be displayed to the client.


So after knowing the whole process of making the zamac cap, are you on the move for perfume bottle cap design? Maybe your impulse of trying is stirring your mind. Then please don’t resist your lure. Please just open your mind and tell us your idea. Klassy is always ready for your move.  

By: Sabrina

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