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How perfume packaging designs affect Client’s purchasing intentions?

When we talk about cosmetic and perfume packaging,the external appearance of the products can easily trigger impulsive buying even when buyers don’t intend to make a purchase. This is especially true in the luxury niche perfume brands and big internatinal perfume brandsas people want to get their money’s worth when they buy an expensive object. The quality of the bottle, the beauty of the box, their appearance designs, the luxury packaging materials chosen, and how these are decorated are all main elements that prove the value of the finished product and can lead to successful and effective packaging.

Marketing experts often refer to packaging as the “silent salesman,” as it can influence buyers’ decisions even more than a retail salesperson. They observed this phenomenon when self-service retail shopping emerged, which gave buyers the power to choose their preferred products without the help of any assistant. They noticed that some elements of the packages might attract consumers’ eyes and thought, which meant they could be designed strategically. From that moment, perfume packaging became a crucial element of branding and marketing.

In particular, perfume packaging must be exploited as an opportunity for the brand to tell a story and provide an experience for the consumers, communicating the right message just from the first glance. This message must be coherent with the nature of the brand and must convince clients to buy."Sometimes we have to design the glass bottle even before the fragrance/scent has been made," says Fabien Baron, the legendary designer, photographer, and filmmaker behind some of the most successful fragrance launches in history, including Calvin Klein CK One. This is true, I had met some clients are doing in this way. They were attracted by our new perfume bottle designs at first sight, then they start to think,organize and decide the fragrance/scents, perfume names and so on after. As the bottle designs give them an idea and inspiration for their new perfume development.


That is why we have to have our own design team, make and launch new perfume packaging designs every month....to keep our clients and the other luxury perfume brands updated to know about us and our products.The below are some new designs which is done by our designer.

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