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How to choose a better quality perfume glass bottle?

First of all, to produce a high quality glass bottle, mainly determined by three factors: material, mold, the details of the production process(productive process).


First, Material


The best glass perfume bottle is made of transparent white opal glass which normally uses flint or soda stone as a raw material. This kind of glass is sturdier and more suitable for a long-distance transportation, and the transparency and smoothness are better than other glasses.


Second, Mould


The main factors that affect the appearance of perfume bottles are the material of the mold, material of the mould, the smoothness of the surface of the mold, the precision of the mold seam and the pattern carving.That’s why there are different mould cost offers in market.



Third, Productive process


It is not difficult to make good glass bottles. Just there are five main factors that affect the production of good glass bottles.

1. Drop temperature

This is relatively important.This temperature is not good to grasp the problem, including the impact of material type, molding, etc

2. Mould temperature

3. Extension (some people call it reheat).

4. Coordination of movement. Including the coordination of machine speed and machine bias.

5. Mold design: including mold heat dissipation, mold collocation, mold extension ratio.


The above is just to give a simple understanding of the influence on finished glass bottle by production details. The more specific operation and control will do by professionals.


Next, after a brief understanding of affective factor of glass bottle quality. Let us see how to choose a good quality bottle from the physical appearance.


1. The Material quality should be pure.

If the material quality is not pure, glass bottles will have rough texture, many bubble or white sand inside or on surface which can not remove.

2. The transparency of perfume bottle.

Good quality glass bottles will be very transparent, shiny and smooth on surface like crystal.

3.Glass Thickness.

All parts of the glass material distribution to be symmetrical.

If the light sensation everywhere is consistent, one integrated mass, then the thickness is consistent;If the difference between light and shade is too large, the thickness is inconsistent.

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