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How to choose an Ideal glass bottle for your first perfume?

As time goes on, there is a certain fascination which attracts more and more people to make perfume.Someone do it as a business and some people do it simply for their interests.


With a growing community both on and offline, perfume making is definitely a new thing that almost anyone can try which just like cooking. There are many available ingredients that you can buy. And you can find a number of websites with videos in the internet with how-to guides. There are also workshops and interest-oriented classes that you can join. But for sure, a new found interest can’t do without an appropriate and good-quality tools & instruments like perfume container. In perfume-making, a reliable set of glass perfume bottles should definitely be on your list.



In the meantime, choosing a ideal and typical perfume bottle is very important in the period we making own perfumes. However, how to choose a ideal glass bottles from such different perfume bottle designs in market?


First of all, just let us figure out what the most important factor when you start a new perfume, the brand image, the target consumer,target selling market and the type of fragrance that you want to launch on the market.The analysis of these four components will be helpful to give us an idea about the form and the optimal capacity of our bottle. Some proposals of packaging will then be developed accordingly


Our advice is to avoid use perfume bottles with whimsical and complex shapes especially at first launch and if the brand is not yet known. In fact, the consumer could not positively welcome a too weird packaging for a new product. I prefer to choose a simple shaped bottle if am I, such as rectangle,squre and round bottles. the below are some simple but classical bottle designs for your reference:





The ideal would be a size with 15FEA neck,because you can choose from a wide range of caps to decorate the bottle and make it more aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, the more the surface is large and flat, the simpler and more consistent the decoration will be.Like most big perfume brand and well-known niche perfume brands did.

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