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How To Choose Wisely A Cap For Your Devoted Perfume?

How many kinds of perfume caps have you seen? Zamac, ABS, surlyn, acrylic, aluminum, wood etc. can all be used for making a cap. Oh, of course, this cap is not on your great head, but on your wonderful perfume.



The following analysis is just basing on the normal situation.


Zamac and ABS caps are utilized most extensively. Zamac emits the quality feel which will look graceful. It is heavy. The unit price goes beyond any other material. The shortcoming is the plus or minus tolerance has no way of being controlled for zamac.




The mould charge of ABS is more although its unit price is cheap. ABS can be metalized as any color. The standard colors are gold, silver, black or white in general. It can also be decorated as wood effect. It needs to be coated with the gloss oil usually, provided that a normal color( Non-metal color) is to be applied. Engraved logo on mould is recommended. But if you have no intention to open a new mould, also the logo can be made by printing.





The mould cost of surlyn is nearly same as ABS. The unit price depends on the weight & shape.



Surlyn and acrylic are transparent mostly. Acrylic is something that doesn’t resist the alcohol, so in which it must have PP insert. Surely Surlyn doesn’t need PP insert. Surlyn is produced as colorless cap generally. If the cap size is very big, it will be better not to use surlyn. Because if the surlyn is over sized, it will definitely deformed( Often concaved down). Furthermore, it appears unpleasing aesthetically. Adding the insult to injury, the price of surlyn has been rising hugely since 2018. The unit price is high at this period. So it is not suggested to use surlyn when the cap size is excessively big.




The cap includes aluminum& wood cap besides the above ones. Laser logo can be engraved on aluminum. Among all wooden materials, birch is less expensive. The most of wood caps is made of birch. The mould cost of wood is much less than others.




The magnetic cap contains normal magnet & directional magnet. All the magnet caps have to be opened the moulds. Broadly speaking, ABS or aluminum takes priority being used as the magnetic cap but zamac is selected seldom. Because the weight of zamac is much more than those 2 materials then the cost will go much higher. The magnet cap must make sure that cap can catch the bottle full of perfume that won’t fall off when lifting up the cap.  


All the other materials must be with PP insert together in order to avoid the contacting with the alcohol except for surlyn.


Sometimes, a cap can be made up of 2 or more kinds of materials, like wood cap with an aluminum circle.


After the overall understanding, it should help you to make up your mind more easily than before. It is some like to take your pick from all sorts of caps in order to suit for your image and temperament in a fashion store. Now it’s believed that you are fully aware of your own likes and dislikes through knowing how to make a choice for your devoted perfume. 

Written By: Sabrina

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