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How to design a special perfume bottle

As we know, a special perfume bottle is very important. When the costumer wants to buy a perfume, the bottle will decide their first impression. So how to design a special perfume bottle?


As a professional manufacturer of perfume packaging, today, lets share some secrets.


About design a special perfume packaging, we can roughly divided it into two situations.

-You have the drawing and clear requirements.

-You have only some concept which need someone help to specify and realize it.


Today, let us talk about the second situation which will be much helpful.


Firstly, we will finalize all details of the material, dimensions, final visual effect etc. with customer then make a 3D design accordingly. After get the first approval for the visual effect, we will provide technical drawings to confirm all detail measurements. After that, we will move to the next step of moulding and sampling. For the sampling, it will takes about 30-45 days.


Secondly, we will make decorations based on customers idea and requirements which been confirmed then send to them before proceed the mass production. This process will takes about 5-7 days.


Thirdly, if the samples is approved, we will start mass production. Normally the mass production will take about 60 days, but it will has some difference depends on different decorations & quantity.


Thus, to develop a new perfume bottle, it will takes at least 4 months to finish the goods. It may have changes during the process which will makes the time longer. So, to have a final perfect result, we truly suggest our client to spare enough time for the development process, in this way, if there is anything you wanna change and need to discussed with your team, we will have enough time to react. 



To know more details, you can check out the following link: https://www.klassyperfume.com/customization or contact with us.

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