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How to make efficient moves during COVID-19 for your perfume projects? - Klassy

It’s a hard time for everyone during this whole world pandemic, COVID-19 may change our lives forever. No matter how sad we are, life still moves on. We have to keep all sorrows to a space in corner of our hearts, and act positively.

Back to business, under this economic shocks, we have some suggestions for you who’s main field is perfumes. How to use limited money to created your fancy new launching brand/perfume?

Here we are not talking about lower the quality or weaken your brand level. We hope using the less money, but get full reward. Below are some recommendations that you may needed.

-Normally we will combine many decorations on the perfume bottle, like lacquering, metalization, printing etc. Actually there is an easier way to get it done-makes your logo embossed or debossed directly on the bottle. You could also add some coloring, if not, it will also looks out-standing. See below ref. pic.

-Using replaced decoration ways. For example, you looking for a shinny crystal effect for the bottle, so you use hand-polishing before, now you could choose fire-polishing or covering a shinny transparent coating instead. The effect will be 80% close but the price is much lower.

-If you are using gift box, further more, a complex design approach, you may consider to makes it simple, or even replace it by color box. As you may know, box like below shapes are harder to make, which will makes the unit price much higher.


There are more options, we could design it according to your needs and your project details. If there is anything we could help, we are always here to help. Get contact by klassy@klassyperfume.com

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