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How To Protect Your Devoted Aromatic Perfume?

Due to all sorts of need from the people of whole world, there is the huge counterfeit market for imitating the brand. So amazingly similar fake product is born to satisfy those people who are born peacocks or vain creatures.  


A successful brand is a company's most valuable asset. Working with Customs to prevent unfair competition by imports is an important tool in preserving a company's value.


In such an aromatic world full of the beautiful descriptions, a lot of perfumes might have to encounter their counterfeit brothers or sisters. Even a fake Dior perfume will be bought by the customer unintentionally because it is hard for her to distinguish its genuineness. 

You may get a patent on the composition of the fragrance to protect your perfume provided the said composition is unique - novel and inventive as we say in patent parlance. You can also get the specific fragrance registered as trademark. You may have to check with a trademark expert. 


Nevertheless, most perfumers intentionally do not patent their fragrances because getting a patent requires disclosing everything about the invention. Few perfumers would want to disclose how to make their special perfumes. Furthermore, changing a few ingredients in the formula, the smell can still remain the same or almost similar. Hence technically it will be a new formula, but the smell will be the same. 


Alternatively, the ornamental aspect of a bottle in which a perfume is packaged may be protected. Design patents cover the ornamental designs of objects that have practical utility. An object with a design that is substantially similar to the design claimed in a design patent cannot be made, used, copied or imported into the countries for a period( For example, it’s 14 years in US) from the date the design patent is granted. The copy does not have to be exact for the patent to be infringed. It only has to be substantially similar. Once the design patent expires, of course, anyone is free to make, use or copy the design. 


The most common and desirable protection for fragrances is to develop a protectable brand that transcends the actual fragrance. For instance, Chanel No. 5 will be protectable as a brand forever, and, even if a competitor were to have the exact fragrance, it’s still not Chanel.


The perfume relates with the beautiful things. Osmanthus blossoms or others give off a rich perfume in the park or a private garden. People spray the created perfume to make themselves more fragrant like these natural flowers. Klassy is a solid supplier for justice since we not only manufacture your customized bottle but also keep it exlusively for your benefit through secrecy agreement.

By: Sabrina

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