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How to take care of your perfume, prevent it from fading, etc.
How to take care of your perfume, prevent it from fading, etc.

Hi, This is Alice from Klassy perfume, our company provide standard perfume bottle and customization service for your own brand.


Today we don’t discuss packaging first,  let’s talk about things beyond packaging which some of you will be interested.


Some customers will wonder why their perfume fades faster than others, and the fragrance is less durable than others. If the fragrance is similar, what caused this? Is it because your glass packaging does not seal the perfume well, or is there a problem with the tightness of your pump and collar?


In order to minimize contact between fragrance and air, the pump and collar we produced will be all doing professional leakage test before delivery. Since it's not related to the pump and collar, what is the exact reason?  


Ok,  i would like to say “Do u have a right way to preserve your perfume” ? Today, let’s talk about this.


As we know, perfume is very sensitive, it will spoil when exposed to air or sunlight, and it is easy to volatilize. Thus, it is very important to save your perfume in the right way. How do we care for our perfume ?


First, avoid light, keep in dark place. Light easily changes the color-tone of the perfume, especially the direct sunlight, which can cause discoloration.


Secondly. Place the perfume in a moderate temperature environment. At high temperatures, the fragrance components of the perfume will accelerate oxidation and decomposition.


To prevent oxidation, check whether the pump and collar is locked tightly and close the cap after use to prevent air from entering.


All in all, in order to keep the color of the perfume and the perfume smell lasting, remember to use the perfume properly.


We are a professional manufacturer of perfume packaging . At the same time, we provide you with any perfume solution. Please feel free to ask if you have any question about perfume, thank you for your trust and support.


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