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Is Green Fragrance A Future Trend?

As the rise of green chemistry reduces environmental pressures, the use of highly biodegradable raw materials has become an important trend in global green manufacturing, and the flavor and fragrance industry is also affected by this. Whether it is a flavor manufacturing company, downstream company or the consumer, they are promoting the greening and naturalization of raw materials. Therefore, we can see that some new types of fragrances that claim organic, all-natural and degradable concepts have appeared in the market and are constantly developed. This is an important trend.


Perfume is a fragrance substance that can be sensed by the olfactory sensation. The history of human use of spices is more than 5000 years. Since the 19th century, the world's fragrance industry has developed rapidly. From food to daily use, people are increasingly inseparable from various fragrance ingredients. The various ingredients of spices are formulated into flavors through technical blending. The flavors are composed of a variety of single spices into a complex of various aromas. Depending on the aroma, a fragrance uses dozens to hundreds of raw materials. The perfumer uses fragrance technology to fuse the mixed raw materials into a rich fragrance. According to the volatilizable ability of different raw materials, the aroma structure of flavors is usually divided into three parts. From the perspective of tone art, a good fragrance not only has rich performance, but also makes the three parts more balanced.


People communicate with the outside world through six senses, including sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and perception (Subconsciously). The sense of smell is an important part of it. It can perceive fragrance, evoke memory of the scene, gain synesthesia, and form conscious& cultural feelings. In turn, cultural literacy, lifestyle, and color perception also affect people's feelings and preferences for fragrance. At present, on the one hand, there is a big explosion of information and fragmentation; On the other hand, its the multi-level mixture of world culture. However, people's identification with aroma sometimes tends to be simplistic. So single fragrance, simple fragrance and clean fragrance are a popular trend. The rapid popularity of the single fragrance brand Jo Malone is a typical case.


The pursuing nature and chasing the Clean-beauty make natural fragrance a popular trend. Absorbing natural elements and being close to natural plants, various floral perfumes appear in various brands, such as Chanel's Gabrielle perfume and Gucci Flora.


The fashion trend of flavors and fragrances is closely related to green manufacturing, sustainable development, humanities, culture, lifestyle, and fashion trends. Likewise, your perfume packaging involves with your culture and the class of your perfume etc. When you have got your exclusive essence, will you make an opulent design for your perfume? If yes, please just contact us freely.

By: Sabrina

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