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What are the methods of polishing perfume glass bottle

Glass polishing refers to use chemical or physical methods to remove lines, scratches and other defects on perfume glass bottles surfface,improve the transparency and refractive index of the glass, and make the glass more vitrified.

The first method:Fire Polishing


This method is using fire to soften perfume bottle surface and using the impact of fire on perfume glass bottle to reduce the lines, dots etc. However, the smoothness of treated glass bottle surface is uneven and the dots etc can not be removed competely.


The disadvantage is fire polishing is if you requires higher standard of shinny transparenct, it can not meet your requirement.


The Second method: Powder Polishing, which we usually called hand polishing.


This method is using the high-speed friction of powder on perufme glass bottle surface to remove lines and scratches, etc., which can maximize the improvement of the glass transmittance and refraction effect!!


Powder/Hand Polishing is divided into two steps: sanding and polishing.

Before polishing, the polished part should be sanding first to make the bottle surface more smoothy.Then polishing them to make perfume glass bottle more shiny and transparency.


The above two methods are the commonly used on perfume glass bottles.Fire polishing requires specific machine and not all glass bottle factory can do it.So its min order quantity is generally higher, but its unit price is relatively cheaper than hand polishing.However, powder/hand polishing is more delicate than fire polishing, just the defective rate and unite price of hand polishing is much higher than fire polishing. Some special and irregular shaped glass bottle must use hand polishing.

The Third method: Acid Polishing, this method is not commonly use on perfume bottle.

Acid polishing is using the corrosive founction of acid to finish the surface treatment on glass bottle.Because acid polishing can reduce the thickness of the glass, but it may not completely remove the grain of the glass.So the recipe will change according the glass material.


This method is extremely dangerous!Personal testing is not recommended for non-professionals and companies without complete equipment.


Applicable material glass: any glass (but the polished effect is determined by the glass material itself)


Disadvantage: It is hard to control well the smoothness. And its easy to damage the corner angle of perfume glass bottle.

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