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What are the taboos when using perfume ?

What are the taboos when using perfume ?

Today we will discuss the issue of using perfume, you maybe very interested in this area if you just start your own perfume business and hope to provide your customers with professional and excellent after-sales service.


It seem like very simple thing but there is various taboos when you use perfume. In order to use our perfume more safely and effectively, we need to first understand the taboos we must avoid when using perfume.

What kind of taboos should we avoid ?

1. Do not spill perfume on exposed areas that are easily exposed to the sun. Because some of the fragrances in perfumes are volatile oils extracted from natural plants, some of these volatile oils contain furan coumarin ingredients, such as bergamot oil. Short-wave ultraviolet light will combine with these chemicals sprayed on the skin, and there will be a photochemical reaction, which will eventually lead to skin inflammation and black spots on the face.

2. The perfume should not be rubbed directly on the face and allergic skin. Because the perfume contains a large amount of alcohol, especially toilet water, which has more alcohol content and is more irritating, it is not appropriate to rub it directly on the face and sensitive skin and baby skin.

3. Perfume should not always be sprayed directly on the skin, because the skin may be allergic if stimulated by alcohol for a long time.

Therefore, the correct way to use perfume as below.

Apply to areas with high body temperature, such as, behind the ears, or on the wrist etc.


The method of use should be changed. According to the situation, perfume can sometimes be sprinkled on clothing to scent.


Do not apply perfume in places exposed to sunlight


Perfume can be sprayed on clean, freshly washed hair, etc.


That is all for today, thank you for your time and support. Any question about perfume, please don’t hesitate to let me know anytime.



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