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What Color–odor Correspondences Should Be Used For Fragrance Packaging Design?

Everyone has his favourite color. My liked color is white& green. And when I buy somethinig, I will select it according to its colors as well in some degree. You will also decide what color it should be while your purchasing the admired car. Likewise, the color is the reference too when people pick the little perfume.


Fragrance companies may use colors in packaging design to communicate the properties of their fragrances. Packages with matching colors may have an additional advantage: Some studies suggest that consumers prefer offerings for which all sensory impressions are congruent. Hence, we investigated whether consumers are more likely to buy fragrances with a matching package. Is red VS. Black your choice? Or do you employ the rose gold? The clever matching of color will promote the sales.

While color and flavor/taste interactions have been the focus of considerable research, associations between visual cues and olfaction have been much less explored. Demattè found that people have the ability to explicitly match colors to odors (Demattè, Sanabria& Spence, 2006). Also from this study, an implicit association test was administered where participants made speeded discrimination responses between odors and color patches. Participants responded more quickly and correctly when odor-color pairings were highly associated than in those that had a weak association (i.e., strawberry odor and pink, as opposed to turquoise). Also, stronger odors are typically associated with darker colors (Kemp & Gilbert, 1997). Alternatively, in an older example, floral perfume was found to be more highly associated with a print based on light colors (Fiore, 1993). There are also indications of hedonic scores mediating cross-modal interactions of odors and colors. Namely, bright colors tend to be rated as pleasant, while darker colors tend more to be found unpleasant, and all of these are correlated to color/odor choices (Maric & Jacquot, 2013). 


Since the color is important to your perfume packaging, then maybe you have the rough idea of what colors should be used for your fragrance packaging at present or in future. Do you want your perfume well known as Chanel? Please let us make a gorgeous coat for your fragrance. Klassy is a custom tailor for any perfume packaging regardless of  midnight romance perfume or day sunshine fragrance.

By: Sabrina

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