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What is difference between aluminium and zamac label


Why we need to make a label on the bottle? The function of label is mainly used to identify, publicize and promoteyour products, establish and maintain the authority and reputation of the company and enterprises,at the same time, it also decorates and beautifies the products.


Aluminium and zamac label been used widely.Today,let us talk about the differences between them.


Zamac label

1 Its strong stereoscopic perception and metallic effect is the first feeling the zamac label gives you.

2 It is heavy, when you touch it, you will feel the quality.

3 Label color can customize as your requirement, gold and silver are the common colors.

4 Because of polishing, logo can only be concave. You also can do logo by silk printing.



Aluminium label

1 If you want to make a label, but the budget is limited, it is a good choice.

2 It can apply multiple decorations-engraved / raised / printed etc. Logo / pattern. It also can make several decorations in the same time.

3 It can be made into a curved shape according to the bottle shape.

4 Light weight, softer compare to the zamac labe.



Through the differences above of these two labels, you can easily choose which is more suitable for your bottle.If you want your label looks simple but elegant, we highly recommend zamac material. If you need a complex design, then alluminum label will be the better choice.


That is all details we share today, if have any idea we could help you, pls feel free contact with us.Thank you for your support and time.

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