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What is the design history of perfume bottles

When you buy a bottle of perfume, what do you care about most? Taste or bottle design? There is no doubt that unique and stylish perfume bottles are also one of the reasons that affect the purchase.


The design of perfume bottles is an art. When you walk through the perfume counter, it is like visiting a small sculpture garden. So many wonderful bottles are there, from hand-painted glass bottles to decorative carved bottles, dazzling.


Today, let us share some information about how the perfume bottles have changed over time.


In the early 20th century, the design of perfume bottles mostly appeared in the form of whimsical, fancy and elegant dignity.For example, the Floramye perfume bottle of L.T. Piver in 1905, the material of the perfume bottle is generally crystal. Decorated with gold letters and brass caps.


Although the carefully designed bottle became very popular in the early 20th century. But with the change of time, the simple design of the bottle can attract more attention.For example, Chanel No. 5, they chose a simple rectangular bottle with a glass stopper and paper label.


But after World War II ended in the mid-1940s, creative perfume bottle designs began to resurge, Perfume bottles gradually make some attractive outer packaging in appearance to attract consumers, by painting on the bottle, or decorated with metal and plastic products.


After the 1960s, some craftsmanship and folk art gradually revived,this boom led to the appearance of some highly decorative and distinctive bottles.Perfume bottles of this period were sharp and colorful, and the bottles became more gorgeous.Heavy transparent or black glass geometric shape bottles, golden metal caps, etc.

To this day, labor and materials are no longer as heavy as they used to be.Perfume manufacturers will design different styles of bottles according to different markets, with a variety of crafts and accessories, each perfume bottle is full of characteristics.


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