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What Is Your Magic Weapon of Selling Scent In The Internet Age- Is It Terraria?

This world is in continuous flux full of the variants. 2020 is just an example. Such a change disturbed the scheduled plan of whole globe. But happily, some people are still working hard for their dreams and enjoying their lives actively. If designing a perfume bottle is your dream, then let the terraria to be your magic weapon without hesitation.


1. Now online selling is a trend for the perfumes. The customers can’t smell it in an online store. So how can you let these internet fans to be your client? Your interesting bottle plays an important role at this time.


House of Creed is sold at premium department stores like Neiman Marcus, Holt Renfrew and Harrods. But Emmanuel Saujet, the CEO of International Cosmetics and Perfume- The brand’s distributor in the United States, says that social media has had a tremendous impact on the brand’s success over the last few years, suggesting that many of the brand’s new customers first encounter the bottle on social media. The brand also sells its products through its direct-to-consumer website, and Saujet says that many first-time purchasers in the United States buy them online. Between March 2018 and March 2019, for instance, the House of Creed Instagram community grew by 63% to hit 159,000, even though Saujet says the brand does not pay the influencers to advertise the products. “Our community online is the reason the brand continues to be a cult product,” he says.

2. The packaging is the visual carrier of brand. If the classic product can be created, then the forever will be possible. While building the “classic”, the most attractive design is helpful. When the consumer chooses the perfume even if in a physical store, 1st stimulation is also from the sight instead of smell. After she or he is attracted by its appearance, there will just be the following olfactory try. Then why not provide a good 1st feeling- vision impact to your customer? It’s the time to initiate your new design.


3. The packaging achieves the brand effect. Our life is surrounded by all sorts of the brands. When I purchase most things, my 1st choice is my favourite brand. That’s why the brand effect is so critical.


Throughout the changes& development history in product packaging, many well-known enterprises established the brand images and corporate images by virtue of the classic packaging. Taking the packaging of Coca-Cola as an example, in 1915, a young foreman of the Root Glass Company, Alexander Samuelson, was inspired by a date with his girlfriend and designed a glass bottle based on the image of his girlfriend wearing a skirt. At that time, the decision maker of Coca-Cola, Candler, knew that it was very suitable as a packaging for Coca-Cola. So Candler proposed to buy the patent of the bottle. This bottle is not only beautiful, but also very safe to use, easy to grip and not easy to fall off. What is even more amazing is the middle and lower part of the bottle shape, like the striped skirt worn by the girl. After adopting the glass bottle designed by Root Glass Company as the packaging of Coca-Cola, the sales volume of Coca-Cola increased rapidly and doubled within two years. Since then, Coca-Cola which uses Root glass bottle version as packaging has begun to sell well in the United States and quickly become popular in the world, bringing hundreds of millions of returns to Coca-Cola Company. This shows how a successful packaging has achieved the glory of a brand and the success of an enterprise for more than a century.


2020 is not the end of this world. The glorious future is still waiting for you. But pies won't drop automatically. Then are you going to take action? If yes, why not dance with Klassy? Klassy is also a glass company, maybe Klassy can help you to be another “Coca-Cola”.

By: Sabrina

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