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What’s the difference between decal and water transfer?

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As we know, once we need to print colorful pattern and logo etc, we must use the decal and water transfer, not single printing/hot-stamping.But how to choose decal or water transfer? Let use discuss some differences between them first:

Decal is a technology that print colorful patterns/logo on heat-resistant paper, then through heat and pressure to let colorful patterns printed on the glass bottles.Decal can make multi-color patterns into one picture, simple equipment can also print a realistic colorful pattern. Dont need to match and locate each color as silk-screen printing

Water Transfer is known as a more environmentally friendly technology, and is also a relatively new and efficient printing process.see the below pictures and video for reference.

The main differences of decal and water transfer is:

1. The process of decal is complicated, which requires a professional operation technician to modulate/adjust a picture in high resolution and paper’s size.The water transfer printing is relatively simple, it is mainly by the help of inkjet printer to print out a picture,then use water to complete the color printing on whole glass bottles surface.

2.Decal effect is very nice and beautiful. It requires low labor cost and material cost, but has fast production speed and high efficiency.  Water transfer is with low efficiency , high material and labor costs, its effect is not as good as decal effect.


3.The patterns that Decal normally used is the left and right reversed mirror image, but water transfer is a frontal.


4. Decal requires the high temperature resistant product, and only can be printed on the regular and plane surfaces of the glass bottles(the frontal four sides). However,Water transfer can be printed on the entire glass bottle (including the bottle shoulder and bottom etc).

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