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What’s the difference of the four-color printing and special color Printing?

These two printings are commonly used on the box, but many people don’t know what they are and what is the differences when we use them.


Firstly, let us see the principles of these two kind of printings:


CMYK/Four-color printing


Four-color printing is using the four colors(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)only to print, it’s also called colorful printing.This printing is a color pattern that relies on reflection. Similar as RGB color. CMY is the initials of three printing likes-Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. K is the last letter from Black, which is in order to avoid the confusion with Blue. In theory, the three colors CMY ink is enough for common printing, and they should be added together to get black. But as the current manufacturing process can not get high purity ink, CMY is actually added in a dark red.


PMS/Special Color Printing


It is using a special ink which not including CMYK color to print.Special color printing has the below three characteristics:




4.The Color Gamut is very wide.


The differences of PMS and CMYK when we use them on our perfume box?


PMS has the special ink to mix out different single color,and put mixed ink in machine to print. But the CMYK need use colors overlay with different ratio to get the final color we need, it means we will need print two time.


CMYK/Four-color printing will be easier to have color differences due to the thickness of ink, colors ratio, printing situation etc. PMS is more stable and accurate of color match. And its color block will have higher lighttness.


Mostly, four-color printing is normally used for printing some colorful and changeable products, such as pictures, work of art etc. Special color printing is suitable for printing products with large area and colorful background.


Special color printing is with higher saturation and its ink is more uniform than four-color printing. Also its effect looks very thick.


5. Special color printing has no color different from the same batch. But four-color printing may have some color difference even in the same batch because of the quantity of ink etc.



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