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What’s the differences of tube and molded glass bottle?

The difference between tube glass bottles and molded glass bottles can be seen at a glance by proffessional person which is specialized in this indusrty. But it is difficult for some customers to tell the difference. So today I will explain the difference between tube glass bottles and moulded glass bottles:



1. Different processes


The tube bottle is first drawn into glass tubes, and then made into bottles by vertical rotary machine with glass tubes. The molded bottle is made into bottles by using borax and quartz sand in kiln row machine.Molded bottles require a complete set of moulds, so the quality of the molds will directly affect the quality of the final bottle


2. The appearance is different.


The surface fo tube bottle looks brighter and more transparent than molded glass bottles, and the molded bottles are coarser. The bottom of tube bottles should be thin and flat, but the molded bottle's bottom is thicker and uneven.


The outside diameter error of tube glass bottle is smaller and it is easy to be controled.


Tube bottles are fixed in shape, which are basically cylinders with different diameters and neck sizes. The specifications of the tube glass bottles are generally from 1ml to 50ml, their heights from 13mm to 200mm, and we can provide straight diameters from 6mm to 32mm.



Molded bottles can be molded into different shapes as clients requirement.The volume of molded glass bottle for perfume is from  5ml to 200ml.



3. Material


The tube bottle is made of borosilicate, which are generally used for the packaging of small-volume products.Domestic generally use low borosilicate, also can produce high borosilicate, middle borosilicate.The molded bottle is made of sodium calcium glass.


4. Production

Tube bottle production is more flexible and faster. Molded bottles need to open glass mold, production lead time is relatively longer then tube bottle.



The weight of the tube bottles are relatively light, on the contary, the weight of the molded bottle is heavier.The light weight will occur lower transportation costs.

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