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What’s the process of color coating on perfume bottle?

Color coating production line is generally composed of spraying room, hanging chain and oven.There is also the front water treatment, which is to have special treatment for glass bottles. As the the quality of color coating depends on how well the bottle is treated and how clean the surface of the glass bottle is, the electrical conductivity of the hook, the size of gas, the amount of paint spraying, the operating level of the operator.


The following processes are recommended for trial use:


1. Pretreatment section of perfume bottle.


2. Preheating section.

After the pretreatment, it will enter the preheating section, which generally takes 8 ~ 10 minutes. The glass bottle had better to have some residual heat  to increase the adhesion of the powder when arriving at the powder coating chamber.


3. Dust blowing purification section for perfume glass bottle/Dusting section.

If requires high quality of color coating, this section is definitely essential. Otherwise, there is lots of dust adsorption on the perfume bottle surface. And there will be a lot of particles / dots after processing which will makes the quality of color coating poor;

4.Color coating/spray painting section

The most important part of this paragraph is the technical matter of the duster master. If you want to get finally excellent quality, it is better to pay for a skilled master.


5.Drying section.

This section should pay more attention to the temperature and baking time, paint is better drying in around 180 ~ 200 degrees, the specific depends on the coated items material.Also,the drying oven shouldnt be too far away from duster room, 6 meters is fine commonly.


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