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What should you look out when choosing a perfume bottle?

As we know, a primary packages( from glass bottle to boxes) is very important for a fragrance. It could help perfume brand and fragrance to convey and express the idea and image. Today, let me share what we need to look for when we choosing a glass bottle for your fragrance:


Firstly,because there are two choices for glass bottles :standard bottles and bespoke bottles, we need to determine the developing direction for your fragrance. Pls see below advantages and disadvantages of them:


Mostly, bespoke bottles are the first choice for many of top brands or niche brands. Of course, choosing a bespoke bottle is surely a way to ensure yours pack is unique in perfumery market. There is no compromises to be made. However, bespoke is the more expensive way to ensure a unique-looking bottle. Also, it will take longer time than standard ones due to the drawing confirmation and new moulds.

But if you are launching a fragrance for the first time,I think a standard bottle would be the best solution. In fact, a personalized standard bottle with bespoke decorations can be as attractive as bespoke bottle, but with less investment cost and a faster time to market.

Secondly,here are some tips/considerations to help create/choose a perfect glass bottle for your new perfume:


Analyzing your brand image,idea and target customer/market and type of fragrance.This can help you well know the shape,capacity,colors etc. you need.


Avoid difficult and very irregular bottle shape, it may has limited decoration ways.


Better choose a neck size of FEA15(Crimp,15mm diameter).This type of neck is mostly use in market,it could give you lots of choices for caps and pumps.


Check and make sure glass bottle quality. There are different bottle quality in market with various materials. The high quality glass looks pure white and transparent.


The glass bottle capacity. Alcohol can expand at high temperatures,so you need to leave a margin of capacity. For example, if you wanna contain 100ml perfume, the full bottle capacity after filling water to neck top should be about 108ml to 110ml.

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