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Which Factory Is Open All The Year Round For Producing Glass Bottles?

As we all know, with the current fast-paced life constantly being intensified, some people will work day and night for various reasons. I believe that many people want to release their physical and mental stress through travel and embark on a relaxed journey. Because humans are not machines, it is impossible to work hard every day without rest.


However, in this world, there is a factory that people call it the global "Non-rest" factory- Phoenicia Glass Works Ltd., which produces glass bottles for 24 hours, the factory does not allow the machine to stop for 1 second. Of course, the "No rest" here does not mean employees butmachines never rest a whole year.


Normally, in people's eyes, even the iron machine needs a rest too. There may be many people wondering why this factory can't take a break? In fact, this factory is a glass factory located in deep heart of Negev Desert in Israel. It is the largest glass factory in Asia. It provides different glass bottles around the world every day, such as the bottles for cola we usually drink and other drinks. Phoenicia Glass Works Ltd. produces as many as 2 million glass bottles and containers a day for beverage giants Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Heineken, as well as Israeli wineries and olive oil companies. But even so, the machine still can not be "rested", and the machine can only be stopped for maintenance after several years of operation.

Phoenicia is 100% owned by Fortissimo Capital, with some 290 employees in such a high-yield glass factory. However, the employees of the Negev Desert glass factory do not work long hours a day. They only need to work 6 hours a day, but the machines are running at full capacity every day. It can’t stop for 1 second. Once it stops, all the glass bottles are all useless. This is because all the machines in Phoenicia are constantly running through their respective procedures. If the machine stops working, then a hardening procedure of the glass bottle will be destroyed which causes the machine to be blocked. If the time exceeds 10 seconds, all the production lines of the factory will collapse and can only be paralyzed.


In Negev Desert glass factory, there are more than 200,000 broken glass bottles coming out of the ovens with defects every day. As long as they are broken, the workers will return the broken bottles to the furnace for re-manufacturing. So the glass bottles are more eco-friendly and deeply loved by people. Especially the perfume glass bottle can be both beautiful and give you the icing on the cake as it’s fragrant.

By: Sabrina

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