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Why Are We Attracted To Certain Scents of Perfume?

For thousands of years, this volatile aromatic compound has brought a pleasant smell to the human body and living space.


What makes these fragrances have such mysterious effects?

In nature, animals secrete special chemicals during the reproductive period, which are used as odor signals to attract the opposite sex and complete mating. This secreted thing from animal glands is called pheromone.


The important musk in perfume is the glandular substance secreted by the genital  between the legs of male musk deer. Musk is produced naturally by the musk deer and is used to attract other deer sexually. Its taste is similar to urine and sweat. During the reproductive period, male musk deer uses this pheromone to attract females.


In addition to musk deer, animals such as muskrats and civets can also secrete chemicals with a musky fragrance, which are the animal sources for making perfume.


For a long time, natural musk has been widely used in perfumes, leading to large numbers of animals being hunted and musk deer are even on the verge of extinction. It was not until the end of the 19th century that mankind began to adopt synthetic musk for moral motives. Nowadays, the musk in perfume is almost only artificially synthesized.


Scientists have not isolated the real human sex pheromone so far. Androgens and estrogens are speculated male and female pheromones. They are found in the sweat secreted by the human apocrine glands. Sweat is usually secreted in areas with body hair, especially under the armpits. In the 1970s, researchers asked one group of subjects to wear masks treated with androgens, and another group of subjects wear untreated masks, showing them photos of people, animals, and buildings. A group of people wearing androgen-treated masks thought the photos were "warmer" and "kind".


In mammals, the receptor for pheromone is thought to be a chemoreceptor called the vomeronasal organ located at the bottom of the nasal septum.Vomeronasal organ is the main sense of smell organ.


Only a very low dose of estrogen and androgen is required then the vomeronasal organ of the opposite sex can generate a potential response, which is transmitted to the brain, and then a positive emotional response may be generated.


There are many experiments on pheromone. For example, in 2002, researchers at the University of Los Angeles used pheromone-added perfume and placebo-added perfume to divide subjects into two groups. In the 18-week double-blind trial, the researchers found that group of pheromone users had more intimate interactions with the opposite sex and some intimate behaviors increased by more than 50%.


If your beloved perfume is in a charming bottle, then its really the beauty from inside to outside so you will love it more. The scent of some perfumes is reminiscent of "sexy" plus "glamorous" fragrance and has been popular....maybe until forever, such as Chanel No. 5, Creed "Silver Mountain Spring", Bulgari "Green Tea" and so on.

By: Sabrina

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