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Why choose glass bottle instead of plastic material for Perfume?

Why choose glass bottle instead of plastic material for Perfume?


The application of perfume is almost accompanied by the whole process of the history of human civilization. Looking back on the history of the development of perfume. In the process of using perfume, it is inevitable to use a container. The perfume container has a long history. Its development is synchronized with the history of human civilization. It has experienced periods such as pottery, bronze, wood, porcelain, and glass. In modern times, due to the advancement of glass formulation, melting and molding technology, and the unique chemical stability of glass and decorativeness after processing, it has gradually replaced other materials and become the most important material for modern perfume containers.



The packaging of perfume mainly has the following forms: spray steel bottle, glass bottle, plastic bottle.


Why is glass material preferred? There are severals reasons.

Because perfume is easily volatile and a very sensitive thing, it will deteriorate when exposed to air or sunlight, This requires that the protective packaging of general perfumes has the functions of protecting from light, isolating high temperature and air. Compared with plastic bottle packaging and metal spray steel bottle, glass bottle is not easy to chemically react with perfume itself. Glass bottle packaging is highly stable due to its stable material.

In addition, glass can be made into many shapes. Compared to steel and plastic materials, as the hardness of the glass increases, the glass can be cut, carved, colored, and inlaid. In this way, the glass container goes beyond various traditional forms and became more and more beautiful. It can meet the various requirements of consumers on the form of perfume packaging, or fashion, or elegance, or personality.


Although spray steel packaging and plastic container packaging have their own aspects of protecting perfume, there are still many deficiencies. In summary, the selection of glass bottle perfume is the first choice of many customers. Therefore, perfumes packaged in glass containers occupy a mainstream position in the sales and packaging of perfumes.

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