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Why Choose Metal Zamac Perfume Cap- Just Because It Resembles A Laurel Crown On Your Perfume Bottle?

Do you want your cap to look like the luxury gold? Can you imagine how it is if your perfume bottle is with flower cap? Are you planning to create a laurel crown for your devoted perfume? Then what are you hesitating? Maybe the zamac( Zinc Alloy) weight lets you feel that such a cap is a young lady more than a maid?

There are several types of perfume bottle caps. Among all the caps, zamac cap is with texture feel most although its price is also more than others. The frequently used cap mostly comports with 15mm neck size. Zamac perfume cap always gives the consumer a heavy, rich & luxury feeling. Most of niche or luxury perfume brands loves to use zamac cap as one component of their perfume. Zamac cap can be done by being polished, making it like the real gold.


Various surface treatments are optional: Polishing, embossing, debossing, laser carving & engraving etc. Of course, it’s suggested to use the embossing instead of debossing. Because the polishing can just be applied to the convex part. For the concave surface, polishing will be the big fish in a small pond. The procedure of finishing a zamac cap must be through the die casting and electroplating after polishing. So the mirror and shiny surface with metal color makes the cap to present an upscale look. It's a good choice for niche or luxury perfume lines.  


The zamac cap can be riveted in order to make PP insert closely connected with the cap. It’s without glue sticking, then glue defect can be avoided even if when the shipment is from an extremely cold place to a hot one.


How can your brand compete with an international brand? Maybe a customized gold zamac perfume cap, a luxury zamac cap even a laurel zamac can help you to win your market. Zamac cap that emits a cool hand feeling with luxury surface treatment will make your perfume different and extraordinary. So just do it.


Klassy uses the pure zamac for every zamac cap always. It’s ecological protection. As the earth protector, this should be one element of choosing your cap material. If you would like to discuss more about the zamac cap, then you are welcome to contact us to get a laurel crown for your beloved perfume. 

Written By: Sabrina

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