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Why Do Niche and Luxury Perfumes Cost So Much?

If you love perfumes, you may have noticed that there is a massive difference between prices. Actually,The process used to make luxury and common perfume is essentially the same. But why exactly Niche and Luxury perfumes are so pricey


1. The Niche and luxury perfumes are using the Expensive and rare Ingredients and Essential Oils which will have high cost.


2.The Niche and Luxury perfumes are normally come from the most exclusive, well-known and high-fashion brands,who will spend much for fragrances marketing, branding and launching.

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3.The Niche and Luxury Perfumes has its exclusivity between other mass and designer perfumes, especially on the its scent.


4.Niche and Luxury perfumes will requires a high-end and unique packaging for each fragrance, and a luxury packaging is costly. Luxury perfumes are normally using a thicker and heavier glass bottle in unique or customized shape rather than thin,existing/public glass bottles. Similarly, its cap,pump collar and other accessories on packaging design are unique and high-quality too.


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Then, most person will ask,Is It Worth It Paying More for Niche and Luxury Perfumes?


I think there is no certain answer here for this question, it is same for buying luxury clothes,shoes and jewelries etc.,the matter is that you think it\s worth to buy.


A key indicator of perfumes that we can follow is the ingredients, as we know, the most expensive perfumes have several levels of fragrance and its fragrances/scents last longer.

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