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Why do you need to make a logo on the product

Logo is the mark of an enterprise, and it is also one of the main ways for the public to recognize an enterprise. Once a logo penetrates into the hearts of the people,it is equivalent to your product successfully entering the heart of customer, and it will also cast the brand influence of the company and have a profound impact.


 Under the market economy system, competition becomes more intense,the information spread by the public is complicated, and various logo trademark symbols are innumerable.Only the logo that is easy to recognize and remember can be highlighted in the industry. Impress the audience with the company.


Logo can highly summarize the brand's image characteristics or cultural connotation, and generate the public's associative power through its image and color, so as to connect with the whole company.


Logo is one of the modern propaganda methods that can promote the spread of the brand, and become the main basis for people to make choices when choosing products.


Logo makes the product more recognizable and can attract customers, so as to achieve good sales results.


Taking our company's products as an example, when customers make a perfume bottle, they usually put their logo on the bottle body or cap. They can use silk screen printing, hot stamping and label to achieve.


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