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Why glass bottles have a production MOQ?

Glass bottles are very common in our life, because glass bottle packaging is a kind of healthy packaging, but normally glass bottle manufacturers have a certain MOQ requirements for the production of glass bottles, today let us to introduce why the glass bottles will require a minimum quantity?


The first,let us see how we bottle manufacturer arrange mass productions. Normally we arranged the productions according to the bottle weight, capacity, size,shape and bottle neck and so on.


Mostly, it is to see whether the weight of several glass bottles which to be produced together is closer or same. Generally,The weight difference of production glass bottles should not exceed 3-5 grams. It is better to have the same weight, so as not to have a big impact on the glass bottle capacity.


Secondly, if the weight of this matched bottles are same/closer,we will check if their shapes are closer to each other. As the different bottle shapes will affect the adjustment of material drop shape, the production speed of the machine, the adjustment of the air nozzle of the initial mold and the blowing pressure of the mold, etc. If the differences of bottle shapes is too large, the bottom and surface finish effect of the glass bottles producing on machine will also have different changes, the positive rate will be down accordingly.


It is about the bottle neck. The neck of glass bottle must be the same at same batch of production on machine.Like, the wide-neck glass bottle should be matched with the wide-neck bottle, the small-neck bottle should be together with the small-neck bottle, which is conducive to the adjustment of glass material drop’s shape , otherwise it will affect the speed of material dropping into the initial mold and have a waste of time.


The fourth, The quantity of each matched glass bottles should be the same. Meanwhile, they also should be start and stop production,take off from machine at same time.


When these different glass bottles are matched to produce together at one time, the production speed of the production line will be slightly reduced due to the frequent changes of mold and production, machine testing and debugging.  Also, the output will be lower than the normal production process. Considering this, we have to take all these costs(cost,labor,time...) into account to meet the different needs of these different customers. So that, we requires a minimum order quantity for each glass bottle design.


Also, I know there are many clients wonder why the finished time is different with the lead time we offered, and changes in each order?


Today, I think we could have a detailed explanation for you here.


Actually, the lead time we normally mentioned for clear glass bottle(70-75days) is just a routine time which we had calculated on average basis before.


Refer to the above production requirement, we can know that all production will be divided into different production group according neck,shape,quantity and especially bottle weight. And each production group will take different time to be finished because of the total order quantities for each group. So,


If it is lucky, we just have same/similar production group are going to produce in the period you make order,then your order would be finished earlier then we said.


If there is no schedule for same/similar weight bottle production in latest,but have nee schedule in next turn. Bottles will be finished within that lead time.


If we just missed the same weight production,and there is no other same weight bottle orders/productions plan in next normal turn, we will need to wait until we have new production plan.

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