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Why Is Packaging Important?

This is really a huge market about the packaging as many commodities are sold with the packaging. The product and the packaging are just like peas and carrots. If without the packaging, then there will be less joy in our life when you get a new gift.


People differ in their susceptibility to impulsive buying. The appeal of product packaging has the potential to trigger impulsive buying even for consumers with no intention to make a purchase. 

When it comes to the fragrance and beauty products, those first impressions are visual, and so it can indeed be all about the packaging, especially for the packaging bottles. It could work the other way, too: Say you are at the perfume counter and the sales person sprays a smelling strip (out of your view) and gives it to you to take a sniff. You smell a fragrance and fall in love with it, knowing nothing about the brand or bottle it comes in. The sales assistant says it’s $200 and pulls out the full bottle which looks cheap with a seemingly hastily applied label. The appearance doesn’t appear to match the price. I think it’d be odd if you didn’t feel at least some degree of disappointment.

Packaging can even be an effective online marketing tool. Customers may share images of aesthetically pleasing or unique packaging on social media, which helps to boost awareness of your brand and serves as something of a recommendation from the customer posting the image. In a recent survey, 39% online shoppers said they'd shared a photo or video of a new product, and 60 percent said they'd be more likely to do so if it arrived in a gift-like box instead of a traditional brown box. Unboxing videos, in which someone opens a product package, are also popular. Among the survey respondents, 35 percent said they had watched an unboxing video, and 55 percent of those respondents said that the video convinced them to purchase the product.


If niche lines are flash packaging, does that mean the cost is instead going into the quality of the fragrance? Its believed that every niche brand owner will cherish his brand much and is always providing the quality product to his consumers. No matter what you need is luxury or not, Klassy may be your optimum packaging consultant.

By: Sabrina   

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