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Why Is The Price of Inside Coating More Than Outside Coating Both By Means of Coating Epoxy?

Why coating is necessary? The coating endows this world with a colorful sight& eternal vitality. When the touching sight presented on or in your perfume bottle, it will make your perfume loved by more people who enjoy the aesthetic appealing. But sometimes my customer will wonder why the price of inside coating is more than outside coating?


Painting the insides of glass bottles can turn them into the decorative centerpieces on your dresser or colorful gifts. You won't be able to drink out of them, of course, but you can admire them as the aesthetic objects. Though painting the inside of a bottle presents certain challenges, it can actually show you a different sense of beauty.

1. Technical operation: Although the inside coating is completed by a machine, it will be more difficult to proceed it than the outside coating.


2. Decoration procedure: It can be used in the great perfume line in spite of no permitting of eating the food in an inner coated glass bottle. Due to the direct contacting of perfume, then a special craft is needed to avoid the chemical reaction with the coating material.


3. Wastage rate: It will be higher than the outside coating since its harder to control the operation of inside coating.


4. Lead Time: Due to the higher wastage rate and the required longer time of drying, the lead time will be longer than the outside coating.


Now such inside coating technology is just grasped by only small numbers of factories here. But luckily Klassy is one of them, especially doing same well as other decorations. If you think that inner beauty is more important to your bottle like same to human, then please just contact us freely without any hesitation. Or if you have the doubt on where coating is used, you are welcome to discuss with us too.

By: Sabrina

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