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Why your design drawing need to adjust

Sometimes, when clients provide a new design drawing to us, we will find many aspects need to adjust, some clients will say, why my design cannot achieve? why this dimensions need to change?


When we design a bottle, we need to consider the bottle matching problem and whether it meets the production requirements. Usually, we will consider the following points first.


Let's take a FEA 15 neck szie 100ml bottle as example .


1 The weight of bottle usual is 180-300g, consider the production time and production appearance quality, normally we will suggest to make it between 200g to 250g. If the weight is lower than 180g, the glass will be too thin and easy to break. If the weight is too heavy, will have to have a match in production which makes the delivery time longer than you expected.


2 The height of the pp inner normally requires higher than 24mm, if it is too low, will don't have enough space for the pump.


3 The height of the bottle mouth is generally 7.5-8±2mm.


4 Mold line should be designed at the corners to avoid to see it as much as possible. 


5 Because the mold needs to be demolded during the manufacturing process, so the shape of the bottle should be designed to be easily demolded


6 The bottom of the bottle cannot be too small, it will cause the mold line to be turned out.


As mentioned above, when we receive the customer's design draft, we will first consider whether the design drawing meets the production requirements from these aspects, if not, it will need to make adjustments accordingly.

Some customers may worried about the final effect, but our adjustments are always been made to achieve as close as the effect your request but easier to realize without technical problems. If there is any problem we could help, please contact us anytime. Thank you for your time.

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