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Will Your Big Perfume Still Be Fragrant?

Have you ever been lured to buy the perfume by influencer accounts or fashion magazines? The bloggers usually have a professional recommendation: This perfume is especially suitable for professional women, and it has a taste of adroitness....


If you read this article today and meet such a recommendation in future, you may roll your eyes to say that I don’t believe you! As a perfume packaging practitioner, industry research is essential. So today I will show you the routines of the big perfume industry. Even if you are not interested in perfume, it doesn't matter. After reading, you will find that commercial routines may follow the suit.


The big international brands just authorize their own brands and let others do it. Chanel is one of big brands who are really serious about making perfumes. The others like Armani, CK, Jil Sander, Gucci, Burberry, Tiffany, Chloé, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, etc., most of these brands do not design perfumes by themselves. They license their names to cosmetics groups, such as Procter & Gamble, Coty, Estee Lauder, L'Oreal, etc. These cosmetics groups produce, pack, distribute and sell perfumes. These cosmetics groups will put forward perfume planning plans. several major international fragrance and flavor companies will bid and produce the essence according to the planning plans. The international fragrance and flavor industry is almost monopolized by a few large companies. These companies do tens of billions of dollars in business each year. From brand-name perfumes to tissues& From French fries to baby food, all kinds of flavors that the brand wants to achieve can be achieved. The international brand will let the flavor and fragrance company customize the blending according to the needs. The largest fragrance and flavor companies are: Givaudan of Switzerland, IFF of New York, Symrise of Germany, Firmenich of Switzerland. These four giants occupies 76% of the global market share. These companies are super low-key but extremely profitable. Like a fragrance& flavor company I know, its gross profit margin is more than 70%. So it is a huge business to be fine and specialized in anything.


Most of the big-name perfume marketing programs you hear now are not really inspired by big-name perfumers. It is written by the company’s sales director based on votes, data surveys, and sales indices. The most important is not the scent but whether there is a gimmick to sell it. When luxury brands made perfumes in past, perfumers and designers discussed inspiration and collided plans. Because perfumes were really supplied to the upper class at that time. These users were able to smell out the fragrances so they can't fool them. Now it's different. More and more big brands are discovering that perfume can move the middle class or even the masses. These people like big brands. Hence these marketing plans are basically same, such as: "This perfume should make them feel more feminine, more capable and competent, but these two parts can't be too much"; "It should be suitable for the European and American markets, especially Asia Market"; "It should be new but classic; young women love it, but older women also love it"; "It should smell not only like Armani totally reaching $4 million when it was sold in Europe in the first two months two years ago, but also like Givenchy, which is selling well in China".... If you are a perfumer, will you get what the brand really wants?! To be honest, brands don’t know what they want either, they just want to sell well and get money quickly.


A large number of brand-name perfumes no longer uses real flower extracts, but all use chemical industrial products. In order to reduce the production cost of existing perfumes, many luxury brands will instruct laboratories to change the legendary formula with cheaper flowers or compounds, or directly dilute the perfume. The raw materials used are different then the price can be very different if both are the rose perfume.


Can perfume be used? Of course it can be worn, But please just buy the scent you like. Don't worry about it’s a street fragrance or niche perfume. What you really like is the most important. If you are sourcing the big perfume bottle, you are so welcome to contact us freely.

By: Sabrina

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