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What is different between Fire polishing and Hand polishing ?

What is different between Fire polishing and Hand polishing ?

Hi, I got some inquiries about fire polishing and hand polishing , maybe some of you who just start your own perfume business will have a little confused about these two decoration part, today let’s me make a clear idea for your reference.

Before we discuss what is difference between fire polishing and hand polishing, firstly, we have to firgure out what they are. Polishing refers to the processing method that uses mechanical, chemical or electrochemical effects to reduce the surface roughness of the glass bottle to obtain a bright and flat surface.

We now provide two polishing methods, including fire polishing and hand polishing.

Fire polishing


The meaning of fire polishing  is to use the flame to soften the glass surface and the impact of the firepower on the glass, which can solve some grains on the surface of the glass product, but the flatness of the glass surface after treatment will be reduced. In short, it is the automatic machine polishing. 

The biggest advantage of using fire polishing is high efficiency and consistent quality.

In contrast, Since it is a machine production, some details of the glass bottle aren’t easy to handle. Thus, the cost of fire polishing will be lower than hand polishing.

Hand Polishing


Hand Polishing is a traditional manual polishing, it use high-speed friction of the polishing powder on the glass surface to remove scratches, sassafras, etc., can greatly improve the transparency and refraction of glass. 

Compared with fire polishing, one of the advantages of hand polishing is that the details of the bottle can be handled better. Due to it is hand operation, for some unique bottle polishing, the effect will be better than fire polishing, but the relative time will be longer, and the efficiency will be lower than the machine.

Because of manual polishing, the quality of the polished products will also be inconsistent. This has great requirements for the skills of the hand polishing workers, Compared to fire polishing, the cost of hand polishing will be higher.

In general, If you want to do a polishing process to make your bottle smoother without doing any craftsmanship, you can do fire polishing when the cost is limited, if you have sufficient budget and pursue your higher quanity and texture for your bottle, we highly recommend hand polishing.

That is all for today, hope it is helpful for you to know about polishing. If you still have a question about polishing or other decoration process, let me know anytime, thank you for your time and support.

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