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Why Are Functional Fragrance Trends Being Formed Increasingly?

The perfume is a wonderful world. The play of fragrance always has the endless fun. In this era of cat's liking the perfume, what perfume will win your heart? Is it functional fragrance? Or is the functional fragrance strange to you? If you just hear of this name at your first time, then it will be my pleasure to introduce it.

In the future, fragrance will be used to help us perform better. This was the message in the 2019 Global Wellness Trends Report from the Global Wellness Summit, which highlighted ‘functional fragrance’ as a key trend. Cosmetics Business speaks to Jules Miller, founder and CEO of The Nue Co, about its recent launch – an anti-stress supplement in the form of a unisex fragrance.


Swiss company Valeur Absolue is now infusing its fragrances with ingredients designed to soothe, relax and evoke emotion through its collection of seven unique& conceptual fragrances added with Areumat perpetua, which is linked to the body’s release of endorphins. 


Do you know how you are great about your nose job? More importantly, our sense of smell is one of the most important senses. In 2004, Drs. Linda Buck and Richard Axel won a Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for their discovery that our olfactory system is comprised of more than 1,000 olfactory genes in our body and the estimation that humans can recognize and remember about 10,000 different smells. After further science study, now the biologists and scientists even estimate that humans can distinguish more than one trillion smells. Just due to our strong olfactory ability, many perfumers are addicted in creating all sorts of the fragrances. Then there is the room of naissance for functional fragrance.


More and more people begin to know the function of functional fragrance. There is an ongoing trend that our generation is now seeking deeper meaning and mindfulness in every aspect of life, which translates to consumers now looking for products that serve more than one function. And when it comes to fragrance, it has to do more than simply make us smell good. Scent is the most powerful trigger of emotion and memory. People pursing the scent& style are stimulating this fantastic scent world. The functional fragrance can make you better, so can Klassy. 

By: Sabrina

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