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Why zamac used for perfume caps?

First of all,let us know what’s the zamac/zamak material:

The alloy Zama, or rather, Zamak alloys were developed in 1929 by the New Jersey Zinc Company. The name ZAMAK is composed by the German initials of the elements that compose the alloy, namely:


Z (Zinc), A (Aluminium), MA (Magnesium), K (Kupfer - copper)


In the early '30th Morris Ashby, in Great Britain, bought the license alloy ZAMAK from the New Jersey Zinc Company. The high purity zinc required for this alloy was not available in Europe, so Morris Ashby had the right to realize the alloy using zinc produced on site by electrolytic refining.


Second,let’s take a look at the advantage of zamac:


Zamac has very high density,so it is very heavy with good texture.it makes people feel more “high end”when it is used as perfume caps.


It’s plasticity is extremely good.all kinds of complex shapes of product can be easily made by die casting.


Because the zamac products are formed by mold plus very low shrink,so the dimensions are very stable.which meets the requirements of mass production with high precision.


Zamac products can be coated with variety of surface treatment such as electroplating,painting,laser,silk printing,hot stamping….among these surface treatments,the electroplating and painting can meet a variety of color requirements.it has enriched the color of zamac products.


Zamac has good machenical property and good wear resistance at room temperature.and its melting point is very low,so the production cycle is very short and easy to be shaped.


Zamac contains very little harmful metals inside and the content of SVHC is far below the safety standard, which fully conforms to the European Union REACH specification.

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