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Does Designing A Bottle Mean Creating A Trend Beauty?

Beauty line is a mandatory industry. Because everyman all has the strong sense of loving the beautiful things and caring own appearance no matter it’s a man or woman, old or young. It’s a nature to love the beauty. Are you wanting your bottle to be a heart thief to catch the consumers’ hearts?


Perfume bottle is like the book's cover: This is what firstly sparks your interest and has to be combined with the fragrance inside of them.


Perfumes are not the only ones that write the history of perfumery, but also their bottles have become part of the collective imagination in an indelible way. Breaking classic design's patterns, in fact, the iconic fragrances and packaging became the real collectible must-have. Let’s see some examples:


1. Zen

The Zen brand concept is consistent with the character of the fragrances. Subtle and delicate, the scents induce a state of calm, tranquility and relaxation. Reminiscent of spa interiors with their natural accent elements, the bottles turn to shells, stones and bamboo stalks to capture the essence of the fragrance and to create the right response in the consumer.

2. J'adore by Christian Dior

How not to recognize J'adore by Christian Dior? An iconic bottle, launched in 1999, which immediately became a desired and unforgettable luxury item. Boldness, luxury, freedom and creativity are the values that the Maison wants to recall through the fragrance. The perfume bottle resembles a sophisticated amphora with golden filaments, that evokes the majestic and haughty elegance of Masai women. This unforgettable shape thus recalls an ideal of beauty which is both ancient and modern.


3. Alexander McQueen: Parfum for Her

Is it any surprise that rule-breaking fashion house Alexander McQueen created perfume packaging that’s equally as avant-garde? Parfum for Her is made from the precious essence of three night-blooming flowers- Jasmine, tuberose and ylang ylang- Hence the bottle is dark, floral aesthetic. This mini work of art offers a timeless shape, but the bottle is finished with gold feathers crowning the bottle and a bedazzled cap.


There are too many inspiring bottles. As you see, designing a bottle really means creating a trend. Is it a crush for you? Do these bottles dispense the wisdom and the gush of inspiration to you? If not, never mind. Please talk to us then let us make your bottle design.  If you need a heart thief and the trend chasers of your perfume as many as you can, then just contact Klassy. 

By: Sabrina

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