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How Is The Production Lead Time of Glass Bottle So Different?

Sometimes the customer will complain about the lead time. That’s the motive of my writing this topic. First, it’s so appreciated that such a complaint provides me this chance of clarifying. Second, it will save my time to explain it to the future client. It’s really once for all.


Our bottle has three kinds: Ready goods, standard bottle and customized bottle.


     1. Ready goods.

Such a bottle is the simplest. Our main business is for the bespoke items. So usually for most of our bottles, there is no stock. Coincidently if it’s the stock, then it needs several days to arrange the shipping mark, the truck & booking the vessel with the forwarder etc. on the premise that the clear plain bottle is required and our forwarder is employed. 


Decoration time: It’s around 10 days.


Conclusion: The lead time for the stock bottle is about 1 week without the decoration or 15 days or so due to the different decoration.


     2. The standard bottle. This kind of bottle is with the existing mould.


PPS preparing time: It’s about 7-10 days including doing your dreamed decoration.

Time of sending PPS sample to you for your approval: Around 1 week.


Production time of bottle: 60- 75 days. The bottles are produced basing on the scheduled various bottle weights.


Molten glass gobs are cut by a perfectly-timed blade to ensure each gob is of equal weight before it goes into the forming machine. The weight of a gob is important to the formation process for each glass container being made. The molded glass is created by gravity feeding gobs of molten glass into a forming machine, where pressure forms the neck and basic shape of the bottle. Once the neck is finished and the general glass bottle shape has been achieved, the form is known as a parison. To achieve the final container shape, it will be still processed. This detailed process explains why our factory arranges the production schedule relying on the weight.


Decoration time: It’s around 15 days.


Conclusion: The lead time after the sample approval for the standard bottle is about 60- 75 days without the decoration or approximately 75- 90 days due to the distinctive decoration.

3. The customized bottle. This is our major part. Also it’s the business of occupying our most of time.

Finalizing the design time: It needs at least 10 days. Our in-house designer need the time to draw and alter the design. Even if the design is coming from the customer, the time of checking the feasibility after receiving the design is mandatory. Every time of getting the design, it will be verified by us if the design is reasonable according to our plenty of experience. Then the adjustable suggestion will be made to the client.


Mould time: It’s about 35 days.


PPS sample preparing time: It’s about 10 days with your distinctive decoration.


Time of sending PPS sample to you for approval: Around 1 week.


Production time of bottle: 75 days or so. The reason has been presented in 2nd point.


Decoration time: It’s around 15 days.


Of course, we will try our best to meet your actual demand one by one. It will be less time provided that your original design is perfect. But the enough time should be left for your great project by your side first in case of any adjustment.


Conclusion: The lead time from the design to the production for the bespoke bottle has already been listed. In a word, please leave 4 months to yourself at least.


By the way, our glass bottle has same nature as mine- solid although the feature of glass is fragile. Oh, it doesn’t mean that I am strong but reliable. But the solidarity between you and us will make you strong. If you have any question, please contact us- Klassy freely.

By: Sabrina

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