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How to design a suitable cap for your perfume bottle?

Perfume bottles are containers used for filling the perfume, for preserving its perfume and everyday use. Perfume cap is an important component of the perfume packaging. The cap design structure not only affect the product cost, and the time limit of perfume preservation. Also, it can affect the use of perfume experience. That’s why, to design a simple structure and convenient use perfume cap has extensive application value.

But how to design a suitable cap for your brand? How to make cap and bottle well matched?

Designing a cap/lid need to pay more attention to the following factors/steps:


1. Select the cap material

The common used cap material in the market is Zamac, ABS (a kind of plastic), Acrylic, surlyn and wood. Pls kindly note that the Zamac, ABS, Acrylic and wood cap must add a inner cap, in order to prevent the corrosion from perfume.


2.Identify the bottle neck size, typically have three kinds of neck size: FEA13mm FEA15mm and FEA18mm, and commonly used in market is FEA15mm (here we are, use FEA 15mm neck as an example)


Each bottle neck‘s corresponding pump collar size (standard size) is as follows(the numbers has slightly difference for different pump company):

FEA13mm- pump(14.3mm)  collar(15.3mm)

FEA15mm- pump(16.3mm)  collar(17.3mm)

FEA18mm- pump(20.8mm)  collar(21.8mm)


3.According to the cap material to decide cap’s minimum outer diameter (I mean the part connecting with glass bottle neck and pump collar). Pls carefully noted, the cap minimum outer diameter normally should be less than the width and thickness of glass bottle shoulder, so that the overall effect of perfume bottle and cap will look excellent. In addition, the perfume cap with different materials will have different minimum thickness limitation:

Zamac: normally at least 2mm.

ABS: its thickness is about 1mm to 1.5mm.

Surlyn: around 2mm

Wood: at least 2-2.5mm.


The minimum outer diameter of cap = material thickness* 2+inner cap thickness * 2+ collar diameter, this will help you have an idea for the probable minimum diameter in the period of initial drawing.


4.After making sure the cap’s minimum diameter, then we can adjust or redesign your cap draft , make it conform to the actual product conditions and also has a perfect cooperation with perfume glass bottle.

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