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How to use perfume correctly?

Perfume is a kind of indispensable secret weapons to show the personal taste and charm. The use of perfume is actually needs to pay attention to the methods, do carefully homework and study,not only buy it and use them disorderly. That will not only spoil the perfume, it will also give you a very bad experience with perfume. As a perfume packages supplier (From bottle, cap, pump collar to final box, sometimes we will help to filling), I have did some work for understanding and learning the right using way, hope I can help you

1.The basic main points of using perfume.


Normally, we need to spray perfume on the positions where is not easy to sweat but the pulse jump obviously, such as ear’s back, neck, and the parts behind wrist and knees.

Do not spray too much at one time, the effect of a small amount perfume will be better.


Avoiding spray perfume on the light color clothes, in order to prevent stains. Spraying perfume on body after bathing the heavy moisture, this will let fragrance release more obviously.


In addition, if you wanna make the scent lightest but also can be smelled,  you can spray the perfume gush in the air, then rotate yourself a circle in the air with full perfume, this way can make perfume evenly fell in your body.

2.If you don’t like this fragrance after spraying, and want to change a new fragrance without trace.

Perfume, especially eau de toilette, its lasting time is generally shorter then the eau de parfum and essence. So even if you want to change fragrance after a spray but the environment is not convenient to take a bath, there is also a way to remove the previous smell. You can use a moisturizing emulsion which without scent on the skin parts where we sprayed perfume to neutralize  emulsion and perfume, repeat this way several times can light the smell . This method just like using an eraser to erase the backboard, their principle is the same.

3. Perfume can lasting the whole day.


I have see a article before from website, in order to let the fragrance lasting longer, we can choose a body care product which has same scent with your perfume, body care products such as shower gel, body lotion, moisturizing body spray etc., used them in bath time at morning. Then use the same scent perfume on the parts behind wrist, ankle, etc.

4.Love a new fragrance but don't want to give up old one. We can use the old and new perfume at same time.


Let us choose and buy a new perfume which has same scent as old perfume. Such as Jo Malone’s Wild Bluebell Cologne, it can match a perfume with the same flower aroma/fragrance to use together, like the English Pear&Freesia Cologne or Orange Blossom Cologne.

Method of uses:


Using old perfume after getting up,then use new perfume before you going out. And at same time, spraying new perfume in the air around body, it would let two kinds of perfume natural fusion.

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